Vintage Raleigh Mountie

The vintage Raleigh Mountie made its first catalog appearance in 1962. A smaller version of the Big Raleigh model, the bicycle was designed specifically for young riders aged five to seven years old. The twenty-inch steel frame comes in just two, gender specific colors: red for boys (model DL-80) and blue for girls (model DL-80L). Both colors sport gold striping and white accents.

Standard features typically include coasting foot brakes, deep tread tires, and a maintenance package with tools and tire pump. The vintage Raleigh Mountie was featured in Raleigh catalogs beginning with its debut in 1962 and was available for purchase until 1969 when in an attempt to save the model, it was featured once again. The Mountie was discontinued in 1970 but lives on in the memories of many as that first big-kid bike.